Episode #10    (Air Date: March 16, 2014)  

"Eco Tours" by Ian Foe, Claire Almond, & Ashley Knaff

"Jason Catron" by Andrew Campbell

"City Coffee" by Nikki Sarno

"Happys Riding School" by Shannon LeDuke

"Away We Go" by Shannon LeDuke

"The Traveler" by Sina Eslami

Episode #8    (Air Date: January 26, 2014)  


"Timetraveler" by Matt Pagels

"Welcome to Vilano Beach" by Liz Eustace

"She Comes Back Deep" by the WillowWacks Shot/Edited by Ben Whitson

"Heart of Palm" by Jason Reimann


Episode #6    (Air Date: January 12, 2014)  


"Storm Wreck"  by Sina Eslami

"Crave" by Jason Reimann

"Refueled: The Story of Ben, Lindy, & GAS" by Joe Gillespie

"Capt Ralph & Maggie" by Ian Foe & Claire Almond

 Episode #4    (Air Date: November 10, 2013)                              Sponsored by Historic Tours of Flagler College
HASTINGS: Where Potatoes Turn Into Gold

"Feeding the Masses" (Part 1) by Sarah Worthington

"Prairie Garden" (Part 2) by Emma Behringer

"The Road Out" (Part 3) by Josh Santos

"The Boom and Bust" (Part 4) by Marissa Marinan

"Feeding the Nation" (Part 5) by Ryan Buffa

Episode #2
    (Air Date: October 13, 2013) 

"Growers Alliance" by Katy Stang, Samantha Brown, Victoria Choeff, & Rocco Nicosia

"Big Slim" by Josh Santos

"Cork Boards" by Nick Scammacca, Angelo Gemo, & Lauren Trombetta

"Spirit and Music" by Ben Whitson, Chris Ford, & Alyssa Wickham


Episode #9    (Air Date: February 9, 2014)  

"Civil Rights Library of St Augustine" by Liz Eustace

"First Thanksgiving" by Matt Pagels

"Pirates" by Asiah Bennett, Emily Baker, & Cristina Caravano

"The Foundry" by Miranda Lee, Nick Scammacca, & Chris Ford


Episode #7    (Air Date: January 19, 2014)

"Chowder Debate" by Brady Bigalke

"St. Augustine Shrimper" by Sarah Williamson

"Crossfit Vulcan" by Jayme Gonzalez

"Live Art with Francoise Lynch" by Meredith Pack & Priscilla Muller

"Dead Ringer; with the American Spinner" by Harold "Pinky" Hood

Episode #5    (Air Date: November 17, 2013)  

"From Pinups to Spoonbills" by Liz Eustace

"St. Augustine Bi Plane Rides" by Brady Bigalke

"The Mantra" by the WillowWacks Shot/Edited by Ben Whitson

"Worley Faver Pottery" by Meredith Pack & Priscilla Muller

"Beach Day pt. 2" by Drew Miller

Episode #3    (Air Date: October 20, 2013)                                  Sponsored by Historic Tours of Flagler College

"Declaration Boutique & Hello B." by Shannon LeDuke

"Cookin' For a Cause" by Jaime Greco

"Fish Tacos" by Pinky Caesar

"Corner Market" by Angelo Gemo, Nick Scammacca, & Lauren Trombetta

"Fate of Glass" by Ben Whitson

Episode #1     (Air Date: October 6, 2013)

"The Tiny Old City of St. Augustine"  by Brady Bigalke

"The Hyppo" by Shannon LeDuke

"Jemstone" by Jaime Greco

"Beach Day" by Drew Miller

"Alanna Living" by Sina Eslami

"A Small Town Carousel" by Ian Foe and Cassidie Corwin